Elena and Gary


"After meeting with her in Sydney for the first time I was really hoping it would progress. I knew I had to arrange to see her again… she was so terrific and I enjoyed her company. During the early stages of our dating, I was having my doubts; I told her I wasn’t the tidiest around the house and remember when her face dropped (Elena’s tidy in all aspects). The good news was that we had plans in motion - to continue seeing each other. I thought she was going to push me away. After that, we just  talked and talked and as it turned out, Elena and I are going really really well so please don't introduce me to anyone else :)" Gary

"Our first meeting went really well, that was a great indicator. He’s such a lovely lovely man that I actually can’t imagine meeting any other men right now. Though we both work long hours, we've managed to make it work!   We're going really, really good. We've seen each other every week since we met which is 4 months and a bit now. I asked him to come to a family reunion and he's asked me to meet his family this weekend. So far he is really lovely and I'm really happy." Elena

Vital Partners