Kevin and Anne


We had a long conversation the first time we spoke- an hour and 18 minutes. I sent her a text the next morning and she replied to me and sent me some times to meet!

I had lunch with her at a beer garden in Neutral Bay and a few great conversations prior that meant I was keen to meet with her. There is an instant spark with her. I don't want the distractions of meeting other women. I just feel so comfortable with her, there is not an ounce of pretentiousness. I dropped her back to her place and along the way we talked politics- there was never a dull moment! Never lost for words. Anne is so warm, so easy to talk to and get along with. It has been so nice in getting to know her.


Recel thanks for thinking of me - I am ridiculously happy with Kevin so you can put my file on hold!

Thank you all for looking after me so well!

Vital Partners