Peter and Soo's Notebook


“He's a bit old fashioned and laid back compared to what I was thinking because he's a former professional. But I trusted you guys... as it turns out he is the type of man I'm looking for! He's flying over to Adelaide tonight and he's already booked a flight over Christmas to come back to spend it with me and meet the rest of my family." Soo

“Soo recently moved and we have since had long conversations over the phone (she does all the talking and I listen). The attraction for Soo, on both an external and internal aspect, has grown and there are common interests too. She’s quite keen to continue what we have and I’m planning to see her and am excited to spend Christmas and New Years with her. I am so happy. She told me that she has never met a man as clean and hygienic as me. That's what she loves about me!” Peter

Six months down the track, Soo and Peter are happily spending lots of time together as they happily introduce one another to their new families.

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