Brian and Vickie

To Tran Huynh

Tran I can not tell you how happy I  am in meeting Vickie. The last 5 weeks have been great in many ways. When I ‘m not working I spend as much time I can with Vickie and her children. Tran I can not tell how I feel about Vickie. But I like to say thank you Tran for  letting me meet Vickie.

Hi Tran, it’s Vickie here! I just want to say a huge thank you to you as Brian and have found love within each other. Just to say a few things about Brian. He is very sweet, caring, romantic, lovable, considerate and loves to spend time with the 3 children, who seem to be slowly but surely adapting to Brian, it’s just a matter of time before they love him as much as I do. Brian is the best thing that could of happened to me and the children,we are however not rushing as we both know we have had our fair share of broken hearts, but 2 know for sure Brian and I will be together forever.

Love you lots Tran. We shall keep in touch hopefully coffee sometime.

Bye for now

Brian and Vickie

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