Erica and Ken

Dear Jo + Sean,

Thank you both for the recent card you sent us congratulating us on our engagement. My fiance and I are so happy together and it’s all thanks to Vital Partners.

We both admit that we were skeptical about the organization at first but with open minds and a keenness to make new friends we joined. It only took us a couple of months to meet and we knew within a couple of days that we were for each other. Since meeting we have bought a house together and are planning our wedding for  September 26th.

Many people have asked us how we met and without hesitation we’ve said though Vital Partners. It truly was a success for us and we happily recommend your organization to people we know who are seeking a companion.

Thanks again for introducing us. Keep us the good work. We appreciate all you’ve done for us.

Kindest regards

Erica + Ken

 Review | Vital Partners from Erica and Ken