Lynnett and Ingo

Dear Katja,

“Thanks to VITAL”

Thank you for the introduction of Ingo to me. We have something very special between us, that we share. It has been an intense relationship right from day one.

Ingo and I have been finding it difficult to believe (sometimes) our luck in finding each other. We both feel like teenagers and are happy to reveal in our new found loving feelings for each other.

Ingo has all the attributes I have been looking for in a man. Without him even trying to impress me I already love him dearly.

After only a few weeks we can both see many options that our lives can take on. We are more than happy now to take our time and look at these options and decide what will make us both happiest.

What a problem to have. EVERYONE should be so lucky.

Thank you again

Review | Vital Partners from Lynnett and Ingo


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