Mary and Michael

 Review | Vital Partners from Mary and Michael

Just 10 weeks ago Mary, 44, of Cranebrook, though she’d never find love. A newspaper ad changed everything.

Mary is still all a -flutter after meeting Michael, 42. She says: “ I was on my own for two years and I was never comfortable dating or meeting people. A girlfriend and I went to singlesnight once and afterwards I came away thinking I was never going to meet anyone.

A couple of months later I came across an advertisement for Vital Partners. It was the first time I’d seen the ad and I don’t know what it was that made me join. It was just so out of character for me and for Michael as well. Before I was introduced to Michael I spoke with five different people. They were all missing that something. I never got that warm fuzzy feeling. With Michael it was different.

 There was an instant connection. From the night of our first date we haven’t spent a day apart and we talk to each other on the phone about two or three times a day. We’ve shared so much together in a short time. We haven’t gone to bed in nine weeks; every night we sit up and talk until three in the morning. I’m deprived of sleep! Our families are the most important things in both of ourlive. That’s what I love about Michael, the fact that he loves family and that he is so involved in his children’s lives. I’ve got three children and had two and everyone gets along so well. I never thought life could be this way. Michael has brought out the best in me. The honesty we share is amazing. I’ve never shared that with anyone.

Life has always been about meeting and overcoming challenges. With Michael and I there’s never been a challenge. Everything is natural, like it was meant to me. The other night we were in a restaurant and when we left we both realised we hadn’t noticed anyone else in the room. When you are completely in love there in no- one else, you don’t notice anyone else; that’s why it is so special.