Dear Fellow Searchers,

I remember all too clearly when it was me sitting there reading these letters, too, wondering if these people could possibly help me find that special someone. I have to say this - do it  Don’t hesitate -any opportunity you miss may be gone forever.

This introduction business takes nerves of steel and a fair bit of courage, but with Vital I found I was never on my own. It was like looking for my potential partner with a group of trusted friends. They’re so interested, so involved and caring. I always felt supported.

I have my special partner. We met last November and will be moving in together this June. He loves my child and I couldn’t be happier.

So, fellow adventurer, take your courage in both hands and enlist the Vital Team. Hopefully Sue and Sean will be dancing on the table at your wedding too.

Wishing you Success,


Review | Vital Partners from Michell