Michelle and John

Dear Joanne,

Thank you so much for wishing me a lovely birthday on Sunday.

I hope to be going out with John on Sunday. I think that it is great the way that Vital Partners have found me a good match, just the second time within a month. John and I have almost everything in common with each other. He is a perfect gentleman, John opens doors, spends hours talking on the phone to me and best of all. He is always making me laugh at the different things he does.

When John first phoned me, we spent one hour talking and ever since we still spend time on the phone for hours. John and I see each other one night in the week as well as the weekends. John always thinks of somewhere different to go on each date and we had a lovely dinner with his boss and wife,with his friends from a club that I went alone to with John one night.

I think that we will be friends for a long time as we have already been going out together for a month now and are very close friends.

Thank you for finding me a great guy, one in many, I will keep in touch.

Yours, Michelle

 Review | Vital Partners from Michelle and John
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