Sophie and Gary

Dear Sean and the staff ,

Thank you very much for all the help and introducing me to Gary.

I joined Vital Partners on 3rd June 2000. Gary was the first one whom I was introduced on 23 rd of June 2000. Since then Gary and I started going out and having a great time. Gary and I went on holiday to Agres Rock where we got engaged on 20th of April 2001. Both of our parents , friends and relatives are so proud of us two.

Guess what!  Yes, we getting married on 17 th of November 2001. We both are so compatible. As you know Gary and I was living too far from each other but nothing stop us visiting and seeing each other only in the weekends. Gary was living in Engadine and I was in Central Coast so the only time we see each other was on weekends.



 Review | Vital Partners from Sophie and Gary