Alan and Helen

Hy Mylan

Firstly apologies for not keeping in touch more often.  Have often thought of giving you a call and keeping in touch, but it seems that life is so busy I just don’t get around to do it.

Helen and I have often commented that we must drop you a note and let you know how things are going, but we have not got around to it. Our life together is fabulous. It surprises both of us at times just how much we have in common in so many ways, and how strong our feelings became so quickly. Needless to say we are both very very happy.

When we got home (to Helens) on Saturday night and heard your message we agreed that we must get in contact with you and let you know that we are very happy and very much in love. Friends who know either of us are always commenting just how much happier, brighter and healthier we look. We are like two young teenagers.

Life could not be better and we truly thank you and the team for that. We shall keep in touch. Thank you to the whole team for helping us to find each other.

Kindest regards

Alan and Helen

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