Denis and Amanda


Vital Partners were the guiding force behind the introduction of Denis andmyself. Denis had come out of a 25 yr marriage and was left 3 boys to rear and I had been a single mother of 2 for a few years and had literally given up meeting any decent men who had similar background and interests.

I was quite discerning about the men I wanted to meet :) to the point that I gave Vital Partners the challenge to introduce me to someone who would meet my expectations & lived within 20km radius of where I recently had moved to. I had been living interstate for a few years and decided to move back to the old home town. After a few attempts and disappointments my last meeting has a fairy tale ending. Fate was about to step in.

Denis as it turned out went to the same High School as me, his sister whom I hadn't seen in years was one of my best friends in school, his boys also attended the same High School as my children we both had the same life values and as it turned out and unbeknownst to either of us we also shared the same group of friends. Since leaving High School we had been travelling 6 degrees of each other.

We dated for 7 years whilst the children grew through their teenage years and started heading off to do their own thing. We finally lived together renovating his family home, sold and bought up on the north coast NSW. We were married on the 12th October 2012 with the 5 children and their partners and grandchildren in our wedding party a total of 14 plus 100 guests attended some flying in from overseas, we booked out half of the Cabarita Beach Resort on the north coast for 3 days giving our guests a long weekend full of fun and surprises.

Our lucky stars were shining the day Denis & I both joined Vital Partners. Definitely meant to be.


Amanda Bauer Bradley-Fish

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