Derek and Julie

Hi Recel,

An update for  you..

When Derek and I met for the first time Saturday night I was as nervous as all hell!!! I wasn't at all nervous with the other ones but this one just seemed different (from the phone conversations - we talked for hours!)

Anyway, I met him and knew instantly there was this special attraction. I kept thinking to myself, this guy is too nice, he can't be for real, when's the bubble going to burst?

Conversation was great. He's intelligent, comical, caring, a real sense of humour, wicked smile. You name it, he had all the  pre-requisites I'd been looking for.

I fiddled with everything in sight - my drink straw got a real hammering! I couldn't keep eye contact for want of trying and realised very quickly I'd met my match.

What surprised me was how we had strangers coming up to us, asking if we were married or had we been together for ages because we looked so happy. They couldn't believe it when we told them this was the first date!

Derek even got up and sang karaoke to me - and he had a very sore throat at the time.

Here's one for a laugh. I told him if he didn't like the look of me, he could put a paperbag over my head to avoid looking at me. I even took a paperbag with me and handed it to him! That got a laugh.