Dr G-Manly


If you are a professional single and time poor, but searching for a potential partner I understand the frustration. It can be daunting and exhausting.

So unlike most people who may try different venues or events, in search of that special someone, or those that feel more secure online trying to figure out who is naughty and who is nice. I decided to hire a coach, for me I wanted someone who can screen potential partners, know what I want and help me get there, so an introduction agency was a logical choice.

From experience they are not all created equally, most are great marketers that promise you everything from organising a potential date with the celebrity of your dreams to making you feel like you are the most judgemental person if you don’t agree with their choices.

Some will “Suggest” that you should just accept others for what they are, and settle, while other agencies will make you question your values and belief system to suit who is on their database.

Don’t give up, there IS a solution, and I found it when I met Recel Tayor (Super Coach) of Vital Partners in Sydney. I shared my wish list and my previous horrible experiences and now I’m with someone very special but very compatible.

Recel, not only is a great listener and an intuitive caring person, but she is someone you will be comfortable enough to trust as a dear friend who has your best interest at heart. Recel is passionate about her business of finding the “Right “one for you and will coach you through the process. Contact Vital Partners and speak with Recel and her team, you will be in good hands they will help you to get you what you are looking for. Life is too short to be wasting time doing things that won’t give you the results, don’t get hurt anymore or be with the wrong one, become a successful and conscious dater and hire Vital Partners today I highly recommend them to all the singles in Sydney

Dr G, Manly

(No longer single thanks to VP)