Fiona and Daryl

Finally I find the opportunity to say a huge “THANK YOU” to all the wonderful guys at Vital .

After receiving my introduction to Daryl 24/3/03/ and accepting to have my details passed on, we have hardly been apart since. We clicked instantly over the phone and after three consecutive nights talking we decided to meet, only to confirm that this was a match for both of us.

During my time with Vital, which expires August 03, I have been on several meetings, some good, some not too bad. However with a little patience, a positive attitude and simply talking to you guys regularly, I was not only able to have a lot of fun and enjoy going on dates but I met that, special person, that I doubt I would of met by now if it wasn’t for Vital.

We are both really, really happy and we will definitely keep in touch. All you guys, Mylan, Lisa, Leyla and Shawn have been great, it’s kind of sad that I won’t be ringing every week, but it’s been great to have had the pleasure to have met you all, and you will hear from us, don’t worry.

To the person sitting in the waiting room, reading this letter, all I can say is : you’re here for a reason so give Vital a go. Have patience, keeping in mind not every meeting is going to be “The One”, so have a bit of fun and enjoy……………………..before you know it you could be writing a letter something like mine!!

Thank you Mylan

Love Fiona


Review | Vital Partners from Fiona and Daryl
Review | Vital Partners from Fiona and Daryl