Gary and Jill

Hi Mary and Mylan,

Gary and I are sitting here surfing the net, doin’ a bit and thought we’d drop you a line to say -WOW!

Gary : “It took 7 dates but I’ve  found the woman of my dreams.“

Jill : “He’s fantastic - thinks I am too so he’s either delusional or I’ve really got him fooled! ”

Gary : Ladies “ When you meet someone and you realize that everything you hope for can be located in one person, it’s like a dream come true. Thank you , if you ever think this job is not worth it, think of the happiness you have brought to Jill and I. We had never met but after 2 month fit each other like old boots. I love you for what you have done. I love Jill ; real love is this. Thanks .”

Jill :  “He just wrote that. Has a way with words he doesn’t he. I don’t think I can add to that but Mary, you know how apprehensive I was about this whole thing and how I didn’t know if I wanted to venture forth but  THANK YOU SO MUCH for leading me in, because Gary is seriously the center of my universe - a real distraction to my work and study actually but center nevertheless. And the bonus is that my dog adores him - all smiles! ”

So we’ll get around to the letter for the happy file soon - we’ve been meaning too but just been too busy wound up in each other till now. The Happy Dance is common at our place!

“There is someone for everyone, but I found the only one at Vital. Woo hoo! ”

Gary and Jill

Review | Vital Partners from Gary and Jill