George and Julie

Thank you so much for introducing me to Julie, she has made me so happy.

One and half months ago and beyond I was in the absolute depths of despair, thinking life was not worth living.

I was tormenting  the death of my wonderful wife Elwyn. Two years previously she had contracted the serious and rapidly debilitating brain disease “ frontotemporal dementia ”. I cared for her continuously over those two years because I could not let her go into a nursing home where I felt she would have inferior care to that I could give her, I loved her too much for that. She passed away in my arms on September 3rd this year.

I still cry every day but the really intense hurt is gradually disappearing. As they say “time heals many wounds ”.

For some reason I felt I needed to find a replacement “soul mate ” and in my infinite wisdom I chose “Vital Partners ” to find her for me. Miraculously they found Julie for me and I am miserable no more.

In my more poignant moments however, I still shed a tear for dearest Elwyn but thanks to Julie the rest of my life is very happy indeed.

Thank you “Vital”

Love George

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