John and Margaret

Sorry I have been so long responding to your request ,but I have been extremely busy, plus trying to cope with my new social life that you helped create for me !

Margaret is very shy about revealing that she had to use a service such as yours to find a partner, but I am not at all embarrassed about it. So I shall not include her, apart to say that she is as happy as I am that we have renewed our friendship (as you may remember we worked together -although not closely - some 30 years ago) and that it has now developed into a love affair. It was your observation that Margaret was involved in publishing the same as I, that prompted you to tell me about her.  In fact I had trouble trying to make contact with her entirely and I nearly gave up at one stage.

I am very grateful for your help and experience in bringing us together and to the type of service that Vital provides. It is most certainly amazing a lot of lonely people, mostly, I think, people who have not been counting or socializing in the "singles" area for many years and are, of course, rather about awkward moving about into that area well again.

Thanks again - continue your good work

Regards, John