Lorraine and John

John and I have been seeing each other for five months yesterday. John was the third man that I had met through Vital.

We met at a club and had drinks the first meeting and had a lovely evening. We agreed after the first meeting that we would go out again. The second meeting was a picnic, where we both took something  along to eat and drink. The next time we went out was to a friend of John’s for a dinner party. On this night John was a total gentleman and stayed by my side the whole time. From this time John started to send me text messages and phoned me quite regularly. After a short time I told John that he was sweeping me off my feet by sending the nicest texts and the conversations that we had on the phone, he was complimenting me all the time and wanting to spend more time with me. This was a little bit difficult for me because I have two children that live with me and my life revolves around them first and foremost. I started to back away from him a bit because I had not been separated for long when I joined Vital so I was a little bit wary about getting serious. John agreed to forming a friendship first. We went out on some more dates and had a great time being together.

John was putting a little but too much pressure on me at this stage so I told him I would not see him again. John being persistent kept texting me and asked if he could meet and talked, so I agreed. John said to me prior to this meeting that he would love to help me move into my new home. At this meeting he said that even if I didn’t want to go out with him anymore he would still like to help me move into my townhouse that I had purchased and still be friends. John helped me move as well as some of my family and friends. Nothing was a bother to him. On the day he helped me so much I began to realise that this man was too good to let go.

We now spend lots of time together and enjoy special moments all the time. I have found that John is a gentleman, he is kind, considerate and caring, understanding. He treats me like a lady, buys me flowers every week. John and I share a love of food and have very similar tastes. I can cook but I’m not very adventurous, John is a great cook and is teaching me quite a bit and helps out in the kitchen as well. He accepts my children as well, although my children and I are still dealing with a lot of issues, John is willing to work through all this with me. He will do anything for them as he does for me.

With Christmas approaching we were discussing presents and only the other day John stated that he would like to purchase a friendship ring for me for Christmas.

I believe I have found my soul mate!

We have fallen in love and we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.