Marlise and Hans

 Review | Vital Partners from Marlise and Hans

Marlise and Hans met through Vital.

Hans feedback on Marlise !


We met for coffee, had a wonderful time, had drinks, dinner, coffee and ice - cream. A lot in common and had a really nice time, I’m going to get tickets for Cher when she’s in Sydney.


Marlise is definitely the type of lady I am interested in, charming, lively, attractive, entertaining, intelligent, like Marlise very much and look forward to seeing her again.


Met on Sat afternoon and went for a long walk and had coffee on Neutral Bay. Went for dinner. Went to town and were going to go to a piano bar but didn’t. Had coffee at her place. Went for a picnic Sunday near Palm Beach. Had coffee. She’s going out with a girlfriend next Sat but we’ll be catching up Sunday.


We’ve hit it off.  So, no more please.


We’re going dancing tonight and spending the whole weekend together, thank you so much Mylan, we’re going to send you a fuller happy letter.


We’re still seeing each other .


We’re so in love!

Marlise feedback on Hans!


Met yesterday, spent whole day together, he is a lovely person. Had coffee, went to the art gallery, went to domain had dinner, then had coffee and ice-cream. We never stopped talking. He asked me out for next Saturday, he ‘ll call me in the week.


Had a lovely weekend,seeing each other next Saturday. He organises everything perfectly!


Things are going great!!! We’ve been seeing so much of each other.

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