Melanie and Rod

To the team at Vital Partners ,

I am just writing to update you on the progress of myself and Rod.

We first met on 20/04/2005 and from that moment we both knew we wanted to be together. We moved in together early August 2005.  We both still can’t believe how we found each other. Two people could not be more suited that we are.

I was skeptical when I first joined Vital as I wasn’t sure  if there really was anyone out there for me and I sure didn’t think they would be doing the same thing I was. I had just moved to Sydney and thought Vital would be a great way to meet people. After a few dates I met  Rod. He is fantastic. We are planning our future together and are talking of buying a house, marriage and family.

We both thank you so much for bringing us together. We sure are a perfect match and we couldn’t have done it without you. I have enclosed a photo. We will update you again in the future.


Melanie and Rod