Ninian and Fiona

As discussed in our last phone conversation I wanted to express my appreciation to you and your colleagues for the service offered to me and though that service, I have met Fiona.

While it is “early days” I am hopeful of something permanent developing. Like all people in their 40’s we each bring history to this sort of thing but I think though honesty and respect, we seem to be able to talk about a good range of experiences and have a laugh about things. For my part, I have found Fiona to be well traveled, well spoken, independent  and a lover of animals and while her dog and my cat have yet to fully appreciate each others company, my experience is that they will in due course. More than anything, Fiona is as attractive and sexy lady who I would like to spend more time with.

As I have alluded to previously ,I have met some lovely ladies though Vital and I did find it difficult trying to get to know each of them well enough to do justice to the process.  In the end, I am just very happy to have met Fiona and for her to be as interested in me.

I look forward to advising you of further developments but for the time being, thank you all at Vital who had role to play in getting us together.

Yours sincerely,