Paul and Joanne

We wanted to take the time to sit down and try and express how excited we are now that we are on the “Happy File” and to thank you for all you have done. Without you both taking the time to get to know us and really listening to what we were looking for in a partner we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be introduced and to fall madly in love. We just can’t thank you enough!

Because we were both new to the agency we recognize that without your encouragement we may have missed this wonderful opportunity to accept each other’s profile and make contact. Your support, sense of humour and openness to feedback really made a huge difference and helped us stay positive.

Since receiving each other’s profiles and making phone contact just over three months ago things have moved very quickly and we haven’t stopped talking since! We have met each other’s family,close friends and enjoy spending as much time together as possible. It’s amazing how much we have ‘clicked’, so much so that it feels as if we have always known each other. It’s a truly amazing feeling to know that we have found what we have been looking for all along - our soul mate, the one person who sees us and loves us for whom we really are.

We are now very excited to be able to announce our engagement with out wedding taking place in March 2006. The romantic proposal was quite unique, taking place in DC3 flying over Sydney the day before Valentines Day, which we will never forget! We are also very excited to announce that we have just purchased our first house that we will be moving into in July.

While there are many methods available to busy professional singles to meet people these days we would recommend Vital Partners to others who are serious about finding their lifelong partner. It really helped is reflect on what we were looking for in a partner and to articulate who we are and what we could offer a partner in return. It certainly helped us recognise the right person when they came along.

We were fortunate enough to be at that same point in our lives when we were introduced and know that we have now met the person we want to spend the rest of our lives together. We will certainly be sending your wedding invitations in the mail!

Best wishes to you both and we will stay in touch,

Paul & Joanne