I just wanted to write a note to say  ″thank you″ so much for all your help with the introductions organized through Vital. You and all the staff there were fantastic.

I still remember the day I walked in and how uncertain I was at the whole thing and lacking the confidence to sign up. All I can say is thank goodness I had Mylan there to give me encouragement to join up, otherwise I would never have met the person I’m with now.

We are really having a wonderful time together and enjoying each others company. It was just nice to have someone around and spend Christmas and New Year with!! What a very special person I’ve met.

Mylan I can’t thank you enough . You’ve been great. You made me feel very comfortable and always easy to talk with you over the phone. You were always easy going, cheerful and friendly and we  also had some laughs. I enjoyed meeting up with the other guys though the introductions and always felt safe.

Thank you to everyone there at Vital for all your help, you’ve all been great. I’m so pleased I went though you guys. You have certainly changed my life around and for that I am truly grateful. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met someone so special.

Thanks again Mylan,


Review | Vital Partners from Victoria
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