Sydney’s Best Dating Agency for Seniors


No one ever needs to feel like they missed the boat on love. At Vital Partners, we believe everyone – regardless of age – deserves the chance to find the happiness and comfort of a supportive life partner. We pride ourselves on being the dating agency of choice in Australia for senior singles, matchmaking hundreds of men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s every year. With three decades of experience as an older dating agency to Sydney and Canberra, we know what our clients are looking for. We know that dating after 40 can be difficult as you try to juggle your professional and private life, so we attempt to make it easier for seniors to find someone compatible.

As a respected Sydney dating agency for seniors, we’re understanding of the unique position many of our older clients are in. We know that living in an aged care facility limits the amount of socialising some people can do outside their home. Our older dating agency offers people with limited ability or time to socialise a way to safely and comfortably meet new people.

Our dating agency is also a sensitive and supportive environment for divorced or bereaved seniors who are ready to find companionship again. If you’re an older person looking for the kind of affection and love that only a committed partner can provide, we are here for you and can move at the pace you’re comfortable in. Our diverse range of clientele means that we are the leading dating service for professionals, executives and divorcees, as well as for anyone their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or older. This large dating pool gives everyone a chance to find what they like, no matter who that may be.


A long-serving and respected agency

Servicing Sydney and Canberra, our staff have worked tireless since 1986 to find a partner for everyone who comes to us. While we make no guarantees about finding you the perfect person, we’ve refined our method over nearly thirty years to give everyone the best possible chance.

If your search for a loved one isn’t taking you where you want to go or isn’t showing you the people you’re compatible with, we may be able to help. With a focus on security and confidentiality, you know that your identity is protected until you decide you both decide you want to meet. You can trust us to be careful and considerate about both your wishes and your personal life.

To find out more about our dating agency, contact Vital Partners on (02) 9017 8444 in Sydney or (02) 9017 8426 in Canberra, or send a message via our convenient Contact Us page. With a long and respected history of bringing people together, we’re confident we can give you an excellent shot at finding a special someone.