While an increasing number of Australian marriages are ending in divorce, many wonder when a post-divorce relationship is appropriate. Along with divorce increase, there are more people refreshingly single in the dating pool than ever before. For whatever reasons a marriage ends, it doesn’t necessarily follow that your romantic life is over. Far from it! While you are adjusting to your new life, lone wolf style, remember, you are the wiser and probably more mature than the last time you were dating.

Nonetheless, dating can feel uncomfortable and unsettling at first. If it’s been years since your last real date, the new dating etiquette may feel a little strange. Don’t worry, dating is awkward for everyone, some just hide it better than others. So don’t avoid it; you may be a little bit older, but you are definitely a lot wiser than the first time around.

Divorce Newness: Take it Slow

Have your well-meaning friends urged you to get back on the horse and jump back into the dating game rodeo? Depending on how long you are newly single, this may not be the best advice for everyone. Divorce is a painful thing even under the best circumstances, and subjecting your date to your healing process may not show the best form. While dating is part of the healing process, so is just socializing with your pals, finding your independence, and returning to the wholly healed person you will soon be.

It’s not uncommon for people to begin dating before they are completely over their ex-spouse. You may still be on good terms with your ex-spouse; especially when children are involved, but you still might not be ready to date. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Long drawn out divorces can suck the life out of you and for these divorcees; they are susceptible to lingering melancholy causing a lack of conversation that doesn’t involve their ex.

Don’t rush yourself, and don’t let anyone talk you into doing something you are uncomfortable doing, but don’t sit in your home all alone either. This is the time to reinvent yourself into whatever vision you can dream up. Enjoy this time while you are single to start a new hobby or sport, maybe travel and experience life as an independent person who doesn’t have a curfew. Don’t become a workaholic to avoid being alone. Venture away from work at the end of the shift and avoid becoming a homebody. Get out and learn new things, it will widen your circle of friends which eventually increase the number of potential dates when you are ready.

Finding the Right Mate for You

When you have run through all the friends and family acquaintance introductions, when you have sworn off blind dates forever, when you are fed up with the creepy gamut of free online dating swamps, try Vital Partners personalized dating introduction services you won’t be sorry.

Vital Partners will facilitate finding serious people who are a good match for you. Each new client is personally screened by an office representative verifying that the client is genuinely interested in romantic relationships of substance. Vital Partners circle of friends want to get on with their lives post-divorce and that just might be the solution you are looking for.