What does vital partners offer that is unique for genuine singles?


With more than three decades, our matchmaking agency is experienced in helping you find your special someone.

  • The Vital Qualities – flexibility, reliability and understanding
  • We provide you a complete secure environment so you can meet likeminded singles
  • You can communicate with us face to face or on the phone. We have such an easy line of communication between clients
  • We offer support, advice and always ready to listen to your needs or concerns throughout your whole time with our matchmaking service
  • Confidentiality – we don’t share your identity, we keep your mail with in an unmarked envelope
  • Credibility – established since 1986, advertise in Sydney buses, cinemas, radio, outdoor and social medias
  • Vital Partners welcomes all genuine singles to find life partners. It’s your executive dating agency introducing you to your special someone.
  • Free Personal Consultation – as one of the best dating sites in Australia, we screen and qualify you to ensure we can help by learning more about you and what you desire in your ideal partner.

Make A New Start

How do you get introduced?


Unlike other dating agencies in Sydney and throughout Australia, we have a completely different way of introducing like-minded people. There are no blind dates or wild goose chases; with permission, we provide comprehensive information to your prospective partners, such as photos, physical descriptions and details about your interests and values. Your Consultant will then speak to you to describe the character and personality of your potential partner so you can decide whether to meet. If you feel comfortable with the introduction, we’ll provide you their phone number – both parties always have total control over who they choose to date. And if that magic chemistry isn’t there we just continue to introduce until you find your wonderful someone.